The Spirit of Tasmania is pulling out of port as I type! And the Tasmanaian convoy is on the way….!

Warwick Lee’s Crusader in the boat:

2013-11-06 17.08

The send-off party at The Bluff in Devonport:

2013-11-06 15.45

The Fossickers bangin’ new black feature panels pre-departure in Wynyard:

2013-11-06 12.51

Last minute washing drying:
2013-11-06 12.50
Beth in the swish Spirit Cabin:

2013-11-06 17.28
Andrew in the cabin. He got the A bed and I got B (for Beth):

2013-11-06 17.27
Van line-ups on deck G3:

2013-11-06 17.09

Sun sets on tassie: