Hey team, some of this info has been sent out in e-mails but I just wanted to share a bit of updated info here about where things are up to in the production department, and some exciting plans taking shape for events along the way for our three convoys…
Jody has been working hard to make sure the most reasonable and discounted (where possible) accommodation offers are available to you, as detailed in the e-mails. We’ve allocated spots for the convoys in a range of quality parks and locations along the way.
A reminder that there will be power and toilets and showers at the site in Canberra!
Jody and I have begun contacting local councils/galleries/clubs etc to arrange mini-events and cup of tea/story swapping picnics in the locations that the convoys pass through. More info coming soon. Free to send us a list of ideas of places to contact if you have some local information.
We will be documenting the convoys with all the caravanners collaboration and blogging it online with a twitter hashtag etc so people can follow the journey prior to arrival in canberra. We like to think that the journey is as much a part of the project as the destination. We can also create something with materias and documentation collected along the way to display in Canberra.
To clarify – during the event in Canberra the focus is on the vans who’ve had artists working with them but all are welcome to open their vans to the public and be around for casual conversations with the public about holidays/caravanning etc PLUS all will be, in their own ways a part of the evening events at Grevillia Park.
We will be arranging promotional materials to accompany the convoys and there will be an artist or Big hART person (more and more the closer we get to Canberra) on each convoy to help with this side of things, plus liaising with local groups etc.
Hope this is all clear! Any questions please get in contact

2 thoughts on “CONVOY DETAILS

  1. Bob Taylor says:

    Hi Beth
    Thanks for the update. Can we make a banner using the logo ???. I would a banner on the rear of my van to indicate to those around what we are about on this convoy. The banner size I could have is 1500x 600 on my rear sunshade, preferable with a rope top edge to fit a sail track attachment.
    We also could have one to place on car/caravan when in the o’nite stay or lunch stop etc.
    As leader of the core group from Cairns I would like to be fully informed prior to leaving Cairns and I plan to arrive in Cairns 5-7 days prior to departing on the convoy.
    I also plan to leave home early August heading to Cairns.
    Cheers Bob

  2. I am interested in the stop-over dates. We will be in the Bundaberg area as you go South, We can’t join you as we have other commitments at this time. But would love to meet you and see the convoy.. We are currently @ Coffs Harbour and won’t be heading North till mid September.. Chris & Lynette

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