Hey there! Just to introduce myself – my name is Beth Sometimes and recently i’ve come onboard MUSEUM OF THE LONG WEEKEND as a kind of ‘overseeing curator’ of the activities that will be putting together the more intimate and creative aspects of the ‘museum’. I’ve been chatting with artists who are going to be collaborating on this also and I can’t WAIT to to tell you more about them when it’s all confirmed. Some of them are Big hART artists from other projects and events, and there’s a couple of people new to the company too!

You might notice something dramatically different around here? I’ve been trying to streamline the information and simplify things for readability on this here website. I’ve located all the blog + comments bit in this bit – called BLOG so feel free to add anything here or ask questions, though we welcome direct e-mail contact if you’d like to become involved, as detailed in the CONTACT tab.

Cool, so watch this space, as the project starts cooking there’ll be things bubbling fairly regularly in this space!

More soon! Beth

Grevillea Park, Canberra

Project update
Late next year the Museum of the Long Weekend will be set up on the banks of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra to open our beautiful vintage caravans and share some amazing and simple stories with the world. Caravans will group together in convoys setting out from Perth, Cairns and Tassie up to six weeks in advance stopping at every regional town we can find to share and collect stories, and meet the wonderful people who built and keep this great country running.

We have already had some great support from the Vintage Caravan Magazine, Museums and Galleries NSW, Arts Tasmania and the Centenary of Canberra helping us through the labrynth of government departments for site approval. We are now more confident in saying that we will be using Grevillea Park in Canberra for the event. It is a beautiful spot, right on the water, with good car access and lots of trees. Perfect!

Grevillea Park, Canberra

Grevillea Park, Canberra

The proposed route information is now on our website so that Vintage Vanners from all over Australia will be able to let us know where they want to join in with the convoys and whether they are willing to turn their van into a mobile museum for the trip and be one of our “core group”. You can’t book into a “site” as such, we will be “designing” the space depending on the number of vans we have interest from.

Grevillea Park 2

Grevillea Park 2

We are also interested in hearing how your family, and your parents and grandparents spent their holidays. Email us at and tell us a bit about you, them and something about the holidays you heard about or shared in. Make sure to include your contact details and what area of Australia you are in and we will be in touch.

So jump on the website and let us know how you would like to be involved. Looks like a great road trip is coming together!

Museum of the Long Weekend team

Promotional Video here…

Here’s a short promotional video we put together after our visit to The Nationals at Cowra in April 2012.

Project LAUNCHED!!!!

What a great place to launch this project. The Vintage Caravan Nationals held at Cowra earlier in May saw Scott Rankin and Lex Marinos introduce the project to the 140 Vintage Caravans and their owners.
So tell us what you think of the project and what you are looking forward to. We are up and running now and can’t wait to see it all come together.
If you missed out on your tea towel then send us a message and we’ll get you one somehow.
See you on the road somewhere.
Long Weekend

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